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Kilometro 21 Carretera Nueva Leon, Comunidad Rosario Murillo, Cuarta Etapa.

Mateare, León

Pastor Marvin Jose Flores Gutierrez

First Baptist Church Koinonia
(Primera Iglesia Bautista Koinonia)  (Independent)
established 2009




+505 22687669, +505 88880313, +505 57196844

Weekly Schedule

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Updated December 10, 2016

9:03 AM Sunday School
6:30 PM Preaching Service

6:30 PM Prayer Service

6:30 PM Bible Teaching Service


Pastor’s Email

Special Programs

Koinonia Children


First Baptist Church Koinonia
(Primera Iglesia Bautista Koinonia)

Extend the gospel of the Lord Jesus to save the lost and bring them to the knowledge of Divine grace.